Hi! We are Merchants of Ideas and we do Strategic Brand Consulting for a living.

Our job is to give you powerful ideas, strong enough to make price (almost) irrelevant.

We are a boutique agency, which means that we are are small. It also means that we cherry-pick our clients.

You don’t need to be big, but you must definitely be prepared to “think BIG”!

  • Brand positioning

    Let's find what your brand's mission should be about!

  • Communication strategies

    Ok, so you already have a positioning. Let's bring it to life, with all the bells and whistles!

  • Trend-watching

    Being in tune with the Zeitgeist (or even slightly ahead of the curve) is usually a good practice.

  • Consumer Research

    Forget about focus groups. This is about discovering what makes your consumer really tick.

    hint: he might not know it himself...

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